Now you can manage your money free of fees
with Pick n Pay and MTN.

Free Mobile Money

When you RICA your new Pick n Pay MTN SIM card, register it for the Pick n Pay Mobile Money service and you will get all Mobile Money transactions for free.

it’s so simple

Getting your hands on 10% extra airtime starts with just 49c! That’s the price for a new Pick n Pay MTN SIM card. Simply RICA it in store and you will get 10% extra airtime every time you recharge at a Pick n Pay or Boxer store.

Remember, in order to RICA your new SIM card you will need to have your green ID book and proof of residence no older than 3 months.

Mobile Money is a new, safe and convenient
way to manage your cash and pay for stuff.

You can send money to friends, make deposits and withdrawals, and pay for things...
simply using your phone. No more bank queues. No more carrying cash. No more hassle.
* EFT into your Mobile Money account FREE * Get FREE monthly admin services

It is safe, easy and affordable. Simply dial *120*668# to register.

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